Sell Yourself as a Best Candidate


As you might imagine, some candidates and job seekers don’t do themselves any favors during the hiring process.  They make mistakes that are very much avoidable, and those mistakes often eliminate them from serious consideration for better employment opportunities.

You can’t always read a hiring manager’s mind or predict what strategies will work best in a job interview. As a result, you need a well-constructed plan for selling yourself during the interview. Being the best candidate for the job often means being the person who performs better than all the other applicants in a job interview. The challenge is in showing what you can do for a company that someone else can’t.

With that in mind, below are number of ways to help make yourself the BEST candidate for the job:

Step 1:

Plan your interview strategy. Before the interview, ask yourself what skills and qualifications you would look for in a person applying for the same position. Companies want to know more than just your skill set.

They want to know what you’ve done with that skill set to become valuable to your past and current employers i.e. Submit a resume that is focused on accomplishments. In general, employers want to know what assets you would bring to the company.

Step 2:

Use specific workplace experiences, projects and success stories to support your skills and qualifications. Job candidates often make the mistake of offering generalities and vague descriptions that come across as insincere and robotic.

Provide real information such as sales figures, client testimonials, performance evaluations and project accomplishments to sell yourself as the best candidate. Also, provide a list of technical skills that are specific to the job, and then describe how they can benefit the company.

Step 3:

Discuss your leadership skills and management experiences in the interview, even if you aren’t applying for a management position. Companies need strong leaders at every level, even among rank and file workers.

Not all workers are good leaders, so you will likely stand out in the applicant pool if you convince the interviewer that you have superior leadership qualities i.e. you have to be more focused to show your leadership qualities. Discuss your leadership style and how it is relevant to the open position.

Step 4:

You certainly can’t be considered a serious candidate, let alone the best one, if you’re not responsive, hence it is more important to return call in a timely fashion.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the company or a recruiter who contacts you, make sure that you return their calls as soon as you can.  Time is crucial during the hiring process, so don’t waste it.  It also shows that you are a professional.

Step 5:

Sell yourself by asking questions that reveal your interest in the company and the position. Research the company’s website, media links and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about its management team, history, vision, culture, financial performance and industry reputation.

Similarly, research the industry itself to learn about the company’s competitors as well as important trends that are affecting the industry.


Step 6:

Always be on time for appointments as this applies to anything that’s scheduled, including telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews.  Being on time brands you as somebody who can be counted upon, an intangible and highly valuable trait.


On the other hand, if you’re prepared to seek new employment and take advantage of a better opportunity, then follow the above steps and stand out from the crowd.  Differentiate yourself, brand yourself in a positive fashion, and grow your career!


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Turning Obstacle into Opportunity

obstacle-e1401832811638.jpg‘Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way”

Every person has obstacles in their life. How they overcome them determines their success. What if you had the ability to flip your obstacles and turn them into opportunities?

Strategy 1: Alter Your Perspective

Perspective is defined as an attitude towards something, or a way of regarding something. You can’t change the things that happen to you, but you can change a few things – how you look at things and how you react to things.

We chose how we look at things. How we approach an obstacle determines how daunting it will be to overcome. By controlling our irrational emotions, we are able to see thing as they are, not as we perceive them to be.

Think of it as selective editing—not to deceive others, but to properly orient ourselves. We have exactly the same activity, the same situation, but one of them makes you feel great and the other makes you feel like crap. The only difference is a shift in your mindset.

Good things and bad things are going to happen in your life regardless. You can’t change them, but how you react to them and view them is up to you.

Always remember ; “Giving up is not your style. I just want to do something that’s worthwhile.”

 Strategy 2: Focus on what you can do

Instead of thinking about what you cannot do, think about what you can do. Use the obstacle as a means to become better or think of creative ways to overcome it. For example, if you want to exercise but can’t afford to join a health club, you can begin by walking.

It will take time to develop this level of self-awareness and you have to realise that you will sometimes make “bad” choices. Put better, you won’t always make choices that are in line with your goals. That’s okay. Accept it. It’s part of being human.

Remember: When you focus on what you “should” have done, you lose focus on what you “can” currently do to make the situation better. Focusing on what you CAN do is the most important game you can play.

Strategy 3: Stay Moving, Always.

“We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out.” 

Those who attack problems and life with most initiative and energy usually win. Courage is really just taking action. Start by saying yes to create momentum and you’ll be on your way. Obstacles seem more intimidating when we stop to look up at them.

Strategy 4: Focus On Something Bigger Than Yourself

It’s not just about making the world a better place. Living for a cause makes your life better. Sometimes when we are personally stuck with some impossible problem, one of the best ways to create opportunities or new avenues for movement is to think:

So when you’re frustrated in pursuit of your own goals, don’t sit there and complain that you don’t have what you want or that this obstacle won’t budge. If you haven’t even tried yet, then of course you will still be in the exact same place. You haven’t actually pursued anything.

Just because the conditions aren’t exactly to your liking, or you don’t feel ready yet, doesn’t mean you get a pass. If you want momentum, you’ll have to create it yourself, right now, by getting up and getting started.

Strategy 5: We cannot always control events, but we can control our attitude

Remember life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. Life happens for you to learn. 

If you are feeling this way, it is important to see that, yes, bad things do happen to good people. It’s not that bad things happen to good people, it is that good people know how to respond to bad things and subsequently know how to turn those situations around for the better.

If a bad thing is happening to you, instead of falling into a victim pattern, choose to see the lesson. Know that you deserve better and are worthy of it – trust in that. That is all that is required of you. Know that goodness is always rewarded because good is its own reward.

Choose an attitude to prevail. Develop an unshakable belief in yourself and your abilities. Have the confidence to be the exception, the outlier that overcomes all obstacles—someone who is willing to bet on themselves.

Obstacles are inevitable. All successful people have faced and overcome their own obstacles. The conviction in your goals, a smart plan, creative solutions and the right mindset can give you a powerful determination to succeed.


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Things taken care for Interview



A job interview is an exciting but nerve-wracking experience that can leave even the most confident candidates uneasy. Candidate feel pressured when they’re interviewing for a job; sweaty palms, increased heart rate, fidgeting are some common symptoms. It happens to all of us at one point or another.

Being well-prepared is by far the best way to ease the pre-interview jitters and show the interviewer your best side. There are some tips by which you can overcome your mistakes.

  1. Check out the Company

Don’t get caught unprepared. Because most of the candidate are numb when interviewer ask “What do you know about our company?” We’re not just talking about quickly reading the company’s ‘About Us’ page on their website. To make a great impression in your interview, you should conduct some in-depth research into what the company does , its culture and its future goals and ambitions.

This means going to their corporate websites, Linked In, Facebook and Wikipedia. General searches will also uncover interesting links that can reveal what the corporate culture is.

2. Dress appropriately

The first impression you make on a potential employer can make a big difference. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. That’s why it’s always important to dress professionally for a job interview.

Most Candidates wear formal but the Combination of Pants & Shirts are so unusual which Directly give a negative impression, and moreover if candidate is wearing good combination of formals but the shoes is not polished or wearing lots of accessories also gives a wrong impression.

Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and stain free; check your planned outfit the night before to avoid any last minute panics. Not only will a smart appearance make a good impression on your potential new employer but it will also ensure that you feel confident and ready to nail your interview.

  1. Prepare Some Basic Answer

If it’s been a while since your last interview, search online for some commonly asked interview questions to get you thinking about your answers.

These could include “Why do you want to work for us?”, “What makes you a good candidate for this job,” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “Why did you leave your last job?” or “Tell me a bit about yourself.”

4. Be Honest

Sometime situation arise when you feel like saying truth may leads you to the rejection, eg: failing in project and candidate choose to lie and which results into; the candidate stuck in their words and nervousness comes on face.

Being open about your weaknesses can also show confidence in you as a candidate, however always remember to end this on a positive note by identifying solutions for any weaknesses you may have.

5.  Be on Time

There is no excuse for being late.  You don’t want a your interviewer to be annoyed before the interview even starts; so do whatever it takes to be on time.

job interview isn’t a party, so arriving casually late won’t score you any points. Like anyone at work, your interviewer is most likely in the midst of a busy workday, so show them their time is valuable to you.  Being late tells others that you’re self-centred, disorganized, rude or all three. Make sure you show up at least 10-15 minutes in advance and notify reception upon your arrival.

6.      Ask Questions

The moment when your interviewer says, “Do you have any questions?” can leave your mind completely blank if you haven’t prepared.

Asking the right questions during a job interview is almost as important as giving good answers.  The questions you ask will show your level of interest in the job.



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And the Best Applicants is Your’s?


Most difficult situation for HR Professional arise when they find the best applicant and the candidates rejects the offer. Recruiters lose deals because they don’t know how to help their clients convey the value of a job offer.

When the candidate/applicant arrive for the interview this itself proves that he/she is interested for the   vacancy but during the interview something happened which results in the denying of offer, now the question strikes to recruiter’s mind that the candidate was the perfect match, so why didn’t they accept the offer?

If you want your best applicants to accept your job offers, you need to win them over before asking them to commit. Here’s a few things you can do:

  1. Build a Emotional Connection

Ensure that the recruiters and/or executives who meet with your applicants are honest, passionate. Also give your candidates a tour of your workplace, introduce them to your best employee advocates, and share any powerful company stories that are positive reflection of your company. These genuine yet simple practices can make the candidate grow fond of your team and feel “at home” in your workplace.

“This is who we are, this is what we do, why we do it and what we believe in

As the interviewer, you must sell your company’s finer qualities to attract the best interviewee possible for the job position. You need to use words and actions that make a prospective job candidate feel welcome and give him the desire to commit to your organization.

  1. Innovate ways to appeal a candidate
  • Sell The Opportunity:

At some point in an interview you asked the candidate why this opportunity appeals to them. Did you listen carefully to the answer? Because now’s the time to recall what they said.

Focus on how well the job fits in with the candidate’s expressed goals. This could include leadership prospects, a better title, or exposure to new technologies and methods.

  • Show Them They’re Welcome

A candidate may be wavering in comparing the comfort zone of their previous job. They feel he/she might not get the same environment and the same team in new organization. You can prove that the candidate will be welcome here as well. Always says “you’re welcome here” and we too are excited to work with you.

  1. Ask for honest feedback

Use your candidates as a resource for feedback. At the end of the interview process, ask for a review of their experience. Investing in a positive applicant experience is the most important step you can take in talent acquisition. Not only will the candidates you hire will feel even more welcomed by your organization, but the candidates you don’t hire will at least walk away feeling respected.

4.     Present the Offer to Person

Once you are ready to present your offer, give the applicant another opportunity to ask any more questions they may have. Once you’re cleared, present the offer with enthusiasm and sincerity. Also Share feedback with the candidate and explain him why you believe that candidate is perfect for the profile.


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How To Set High Standards For Yourself?



A standard is a statement about how you live your life, the things you set for yourself, what you are capable of doing. Teach yourself to challenge failures, analyzing the components that led to the failure.  Don’t get demotivated by failures, failures took place to learn, to win, and to raise your standards.

Build a positive attitude because positive persons are more confident and face challenges with a believe in overcoming the situation. Positive person set their standard high because their high standards, keep them away from negativity.

  •   Gain Clarity

Your first step is to clarify what it is exactly you want to achieve, the work  that attracts you more, the works that brings smile and satisfaction in your life,” is the best option to be opted for yourself.

If you’re finding it difficult to answer some of these questions, Take a pen & paper , write all the possible answer/solution for the problem and choose the best possible one.

Once you succeed in taking decision for yourself,  ultimately your confidence level rise and you feel capable of setting your standards.

It’s been said;

 “You sometime feel you’re constantly in war with yourself “, “but that’s not the end it’s the starting to find the best possible way”

  • Respect Yourself

Once you’ve clearly defined the person you want to become, working towards your goal becomes that much easier. By clearly stating your goals and ideal behaviors, you set a clear precedent for yourself. Having respect for yourself makes it easier for you to make difficult decisions.

We must first love and respect ourselves before we can truly share love and respect with all others because social existence really makes a difference in building/raising standards.

  •  Don’t Make Comparison

Comparing your personal standards with other people’s standards is a dangerous game/faulty. Every person have their own way of living, and it may include mediocre person or rich person hence comparing your life with the wrong person not going to get to your desired destination.

“Personality begins where comparison leaves off”

Personality differs from person to person, there are number of self concepts on which the person judge themselves. Not necessary the other person too judge you on the same, hence even a simple phone calls every other day, to just say, “ How are you holding up?” can make a difference. Always be a person who is recognized , not the one who is neglected.

Always do things which help in raising your standards, because there is nothing wrong with wanting the best of yourself.





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First Impression is the Last Impression

We all have heard this Quote once in a lifetime time “First impression is the last impression” and this is what we need to focus on our very first day at office. This article will help you how can you improve your chances for making a great first impression when you’re starting a new job?

And now, as you are about to start  a new job this is when your boss and collegues form the most lasting impression about you, this is when they start judging you about your ‘typical’ behaviour- the ‘type’ of person you are.And in the workplace, during those first few early days where you are meeting everyone — and everyone is meeting you — first impressions about you and your future potential can make an important impact on your future success with the organization.

So, here are few tips which will help you to make a great impression on your first day.

Have a Positive Attitude
Nothing works better than having a positive attitude. If someone giving you a task always say yes and never say no. And always leave non-work problems at home.

Dress Professionally/Blend in With Co-Workers
You should never underestimate the importance of dressing professionally in your new job.  After awhile, you will realize that these things are not necessary  but initially, your looks and dress are your representation to them.
You are now part of a work team, and teams work together to solve problems and get the job done. Show loyalty to your co-workers and focus more  initially at least and always give your 100% .

Learn Co-Workers’ Names Quickly
No one expects you to have everyone’s name but if you are bad with names you need to be learn the names of every member of your team as soon as possible. And if you are in a situation in which you forget a person’s name, the best solution is simply to apologize and ask the person’s name again.

Ask Questions/Ask for Help

No one expects you to solve all the organization’s problems on your first days on the job nor that you know everything — so, relax a bit, and always ask questions or ask for help when you need it. Remember that it’s better to ask before you’ve completed the task the wrong way and wasted all that time. Be open-minded, Be co-operative, Listen, Ask questions.

 Take Notes

Consider taking notes on all the various systems and rules of the organization.

Are you looking for a job?

We all know how important a job interview is for job seekers, because where there’s no job there’s no money and if you want to make money then you must have a job. So, if you are looking for a job than you have to crack the interview first. If you’re a fresher for an interview it must be very stressful part and it takes a lot more than searching a list of common interviews question and you have to make a great first impression appearance- wise, and have a great knowledge of your company and of course most important to know exactly how to convey that you’re perfect for the job. So, here are the lists of some important information that will help you to crack the interview.

  • Plan the perfect outfit: Keep your look basic and conservative for the first interview and make sure you get your clothes cleaned and perfectly pressed.
  • Learn about the company online: Before you go for an interview study the company’s profile, you can also visit their blog, Facebook page or Twitter can also be a good resource because you can see what the company and its employees are talking about.
  • Be punctual: Employers always appreciate candidates who arrive early make sure you reach on time and 15 minutes early to the interview time will be a plus point.
  • Eye contact: Always maintain an eye contact with the interviewer which also shows you’re confident or not, so, be confident. Don’t miss any opportunity to leave an impression.
  • Be courteous and professional and ask question related to company and avoid an unnecessary question which is not relevant to ask.

These are few techniques which may help you in making it to the next level in the hiring process. Hope you like the suggestions. So, all the very best for those who are going for an interview. And yes don’t forget to get some sleep before you go for an interview.


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