A standard is a statement about how you live your life, the things you set for yourself, what you are capable of doing. Teach yourself to challenge failures, analyzing the components that led to the failure.  Don’t get demotivated by failures, failures took place to learn, to win, and to raise your standards.

Build a positive attitude because positive persons are more confident and face challenges with a believe in overcoming the situation. Positive person set their standard high because their high standards, keep them away from negativity.

  •   Gain Clarity

Your first step is to clarify what it is exactly you want to achieve, the work  that attracts you more, the works that brings smile and satisfaction in your life,” is the best option to be opted for yourself.

If you’re finding it difficult to answer some of these questions, Take a pen & paper , write all the possible answer/solution for the problem and choose the best possible one.

Once you succeed in taking decision for yourself,  ultimately your confidence level rise and you feel capable of setting your standards.

It’s been said;

 “You sometime feel you’re constantly in war with yourself “, “but that’s not the end it’s the starting to find the best possible way”

  • Respect Yourself

Once you’ve clearly defined the person you want to become, working towards your goal becomes that much easier. By clearly stating your goals and ideal behaviors, you set a clear precedent for yourself. Having respect for yourself makes it easier for you to make difficult decisions.

We must first love and respect ourselves before we can truly share love and respect with all others because social existence really makes a difference in building/raising standards.

  •  Don’t Make Comparison

Comparing your personal standards with other people’s standards is a dangerous game/faulty. Every person have their own way of living, and it may include mediocre person or rich person hence comparing your life with the wrong person not going to get to your desired destination.

“Personality begins where comparison leaves off”

Personality differs from person to person, there are number of self concepts on which the person judge themselves. Not necessary the other person too judge you on the same, hence even a simple phone calls every other day, to just say, “ How are you holding up?” can make a difference. Always be a person who is recognized , not the one who is neglected.

Always do things which help in raising your standards, because there is nothing wrong with wanting the best of yourself.





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