Most difficult situation for HR Professional arise when they find the best applicant and the candidates rejects the offer. Recruiters lose deals because they don’t know how to help their clients convey the value of a job offer.

When the candidate/applicant arrive for the interview this itself proves that he/she is interested for the   vacancy but during the interview something happened which results in the denying of offer, now the question strikes to recruiter’s mind that the candidate was the perfect match, so why didn’t they accept the offer?

If you want your best applicants to accept your job offers, you need to win them over before asking them to commit. Here’s a few things you can do:

  1. Build a Emotional Connection

Ensure that the recruiters and/or executives who meet with your applicants are honest, passionate. Also give your candidates a tour of your workplace, introduce them to your best employee advocates, and share any powerful company stories that are positive reflection of your company. These genuine yet simple practices can make the candidate grow fond of your team and feel “at home” in your workplace.

“This is who we are, this is what we do, why we do it and what we believe in

As the interviewer, you must sell your company’s finer qualities to attract the best interviewee possible for the job position. You need to use words and actions that make a prospective job candidate feel welcome and give him the desire to commit to your organization.

  1. Innovate ways to appeal a candidate
  • Sell The Opportunity:

At some point in an interview you asked the candidate why this opportunity appeals to them. Did you listen carefully to the answer? Because now’s the time to recall what they said.

Focus on how well the job fits in with the candidate’s expressed goals. This could include leadership prospects, a better title, or exposure to new technologies and methods.

  • Show Them They’re Welcome

A candidate may be wavering in comparing the comfort zone of their previous job. They feel he/she might not get the same environment and the same team in new organization. You can prove that the candidate will be welcome here as well. Always says “you’re welcome here” and we too are excited to work with you.

  1. Ask for honest feedback

Use your candidates as a resource for feedback. At the end of the interview process, ask for a review of their experience. Investing in a positive applicant experience is the most important step you can take in talent acquisition. Not only will the candidates you hire will feel even more welcomed by your organization, but the candidates you don’t hire will at least walk away feeling respected.

4.     Present the Offer to Person

Once you are ready to present your offer, give the applicant another opportunity to ask any more questions they may have. Once you’re cleared, present the offer with enthusiasm and sincerity. Also Share feedback with the candidate and explain him why you believe that candidate is perfect for the profile.


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