As you might imagine, some candidates and job seekers don’t do themselves any favors during the hiring process.  They make mistakes that are very much avoidable, and those mistakes often eliminate them from serious consideration for better employment opportunities.

You can’t always read a hiring manager’s mind or predict what strategies will work best in a job interview. As a result, you need a well-constructed plan for selling yourself during the interview. Being the best candidate for the job often means being the person who performs better than all the other applicants in a job interview. The challenge is in showing what you can do for a company that someone else can’t.

With that in mind, below are number of ways to help make yourself the BEST candidate for the job:

Step 1:

Plan your interview strategy. Before the interview, ask yourself what skills and qualifications you would look for in a person applying for the same position. Companies want to know more than just your skill set.

They want to know what you’ve done with that skill set to become valuable to your past and current employers i.e. Submit a resume that is focused on accomplishments. In general, employers want to know what assets you would bring to the company.

Step 2:

Use specific workplace experiences, projects and success stories to support your skills and qualifications. Job candidates often make the mistake of offering generalities and vague descriptions that come across as insincere and robotic.

Provide real information such as sales figures, client testimonials, performance evaluations and project accomplishments to sell yourself as the best candidate. Also, provide a list of technical skills that are specific to the job, and then describe how they can benefit the company.

Step 3:

Discuss your leadership skills and management experiences in the interview, even if you aren’t applying for a management position. Companies need strong leaders at every level, even among rank and file workers.

Not all workers are good leaders, so you will likely stand out in the applicant pool if you convince the interviewer that you have superior leadership qualities i.e. you have to be more focused to show your leadership qualities. Discuss your leadership style and how it is relevant to the open position.

Step 4:

You certainly can’t be considered a serious candidate, let alone the best one, if you’re not responsive, hence it is more important to return call in a timely fashion.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the company or a recruiter who contacts you, make sure that you return their calls as soon as you can.  Time is crucial during the hiring process, so don’t waste it.  It also shows that you are a professional.

Step 5:

Sell yourself by asking questions that reveal your interest in the company and the position. Research the company’s website, media links and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about its management team, history, vision, culture, financial performance and industry reputation.

Similarly, research the industry itself to learn about the company’s competitors as well as important trends that are affecting the industry.


Step 6:

Always be on time for appointments as this applies to anything that’s scheduled, including telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews.  Being on time brands you as somebody who can be counted upon, an intangible and highly valuable trait.


On the other hand, if you’re prepared to seek new employment and take advantage of a better opportunity, then follow the above steps and stand out from the crowd.  Differentiate yourself, brand yourself in a positive fashion, and grow your career!


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